Moving Mountains by Barra and Govinda

Moving Mountains

(2012), Barra
Mid-tempo didjeridu global groove

In his latest release, “Moving Mountains,” Barra combines his unique and contemporary playing style with electronic artist Govinda’s modern beat wizardry and virtuoso violin. The mid-tempo, global electronic sound draws from our ancestral roots, yet conveys a new and fresh approach to didjeridu, electronic and world music. This cinematic and empowering music features guests from all corners of the world and is sure to get your body moving from start to finish.

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West Wind by Barra

West Wind

(2011), Ron Crose
Didjeridu, percussion

Ancient and mesmerizing sounds of the didjeridu with Asian influences, intention and a range of percussion.  “West Wind” is infused with Dragon energy, bringing the listener from deep within to soaring through time and space. Guest musicians include Govinda, Yuan Miao, Lama Norbu, Eliot Stone
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Once Will Do by Barra (Ron Crose) and Fred Mitchim

Once Will Do

(2011), Fred Mitchim and Ron Crose

The Latest and most ambient release for this long time Austin duo. Amorphous landscapes of ancient worlds and bright futures.

Once Will Do – Available soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Released by Barra (Ron Crose) and Fred Mitchim


(2010), Fred Mitchim and Ron Crose
Didjeridu, flute, tablas and other exotic percussion

Released is inspirational and inviting music for yoga or other ambient settings. Mitchim and Crose combine Didjeridu (yidaki, didgeridoo) with flute, guitar and exotic percussion in their latest release.
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Journeys by Barra


(2010), Ron Crose
Didjeridu, percussion

Journeys Blends Didjeridu (yidaki, didgeridoo) with percussion and environmental sounds, inviting you to an ambient and exotic journey with gentle heart and mindfulness.
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The Passage Barra (Ron Crose) and Fred Mitchim

The Passage

(2009), Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose
Flute, didjeridu, tablas

Celebrating the release of their first CD, The Passage, this innovative duo weaves together flute, didgeridoo (didjeridu, yidaki), tablas and more! Fred Mitchim and Ron Crose, based in Austin, Texas, bring together years of musical experience and created a meditative and introspective journey on their first release together.