Zodiacal Light

Zodiacal Light by Kai and Barra is a classic representation of what they do best together-Didgeridoo and flute. This 54 minute album is one long continuous piece, weaving didgeridoo, flute and light percussion in and out together...

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Codes of Ascension

A new release by Kai and Barra available online this month. Crystalline Transition…Codes of Ascension Codes of Ascension – conceived by James Tyberonn and performed by multi-instrumentalists Kai and Barra weave together...

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Moving Mountains

Barra combines his unique and contemporary playing style with electronic artist Govinda’s modern beat wizardry and virtuoso violin. The mid-tempo, global electronic sound draws from our ancestral roots, yet conveys a new and...

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West Wind

Didgeridoo player Barra, AKA Ron Crose, combines his shamanistic sounds of the didjeridu together with Asian influences to make this a very unique album.  Featuring Yuan Miao from China, this album is infused with Dragon and...

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Once Will Do

Once will do is another creation by Kai and Barra (Fred Mitchim and Ron Crose). Ambient music with didgeridoo, flute, guitar, vocals, and percussion.

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Crose and Mitchim weave together didgeridoo, guitar, flute, udu drum, tablas and other percussion for a global and ethereal tapestry of music. Inspirational and inviting music for yoga or other ambient settings.

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Didjeridu (aka: didgeridoo, yidaki, bamboo) player and percussionist Barra  creates an ambient world of music with traditional and non traditional instrumentation. This blend of environmental sounds from the ocean and forests,...

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The Passage

The Passage (2009) by Kai and Barra This innovative duo weaves together flute, didgeridoo (didjeridu, yidaki), tablas and more! Mitchim and Crose, based in Austin, Texas, bring together years of musical experience, thus creating...

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