Moving Mountains



“Moving Mountains”  by Barra and Govinda

(Austin, Texas) –  Austin Didjeridu player and percussionist, Barra (aka Ron Crose), combines his unique playing style with electronic artist Govinda’s modern beat wizardry and virtuoso violin. The new release “Moving Mountains” is a mid-tempo, global electronic sound with a cinematic approach as it bridges old and new worlds of music.

Moving Mountains by didgeridoo player Ron Crose, produced by Shane O Madden

“Moving Mountains” features special appearances of musicians like Fared Shafinury, the Iranian-American setar player who has had the privilege of studying under some of Iran’s most prominent Masters including: Ostad Mozaffari, Ostad Zolghadr, Ostad Shaari, Ostad Soukuti and Ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi. Chinese vocalist, inspirational speaker and performer Yuan Miao joins in on Moving Mountains and Sea Dragon, and vocalist Naga Valli can be heard on Birds of a Feather and One Life.
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