Barra and Govinda LIVE




I’ll be performing with very special guest Shane O Madden of Govinda at GaneshFest, this Saturday, Sept. 29th at Wanderlust LIVE in Austin. Naga Valli will join us on stage as well. Lots of other great music and workshops this weekend. Check it out!  |  More fundraising details here

On Sunday, I will be playing with Tom Robertson and Omid Laridjani, under the band name, Bindu Moon. We have the pleasure to support Gioconda and Sarah Luna’s yoga flow from 12-1:30pm. Then we will be suporting Dharma Yoga’s set from 3:30pm-4pm. We will have el john joining us on percussion!

Please join us in coming together as community and supporting the Austin Yoga Tribe, and their Global Seva Challenge efforts to work to eradicate sexual-trafficking in India, and supporting those who have been liberated from slavery.

More fundraising details here


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