Codes of Ascension

Codes of Ascension by Didgeridoo player Barra and multi-instrumentalist Kai


A new 2012 release by Kai and Barra. Crystalline Transition…Codes of Ascension

Codes of Ascension – conceived by James Tyberonn and performed by multi-instrumentalists Kai and Barra weave together flute, guitar, didgeridoo, chimes, and other percussion.  Awaken to the magic and frequencies of this unique musical project!  This entrainment tool assists by helping you achieving a theta state, opening the pineal gland and co-create.


“This amazing music is utterly astounding. Simply the best meditative compilation of tones and frequencies I have ever heard. I use it for channel as well as ‘Intra-Travel’. This remarkable music is truly channeled &  lifts one into theta field thru entrainment. Theta field is the key for creative thought manifestation and co creation.”   – James Tyberonn


Album conceived by Tyberonn.  Performed by Kai and Barra.  Engineered and recorded by Davis Blanchard.  © BMI 2012




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